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Suffolk National Night Out Community Awards & Appreciation Ceremony Scheduled

In 2017, Suffolk is on course to have its largest Night Out event ever! Although National Night Out is officially on the first Tuesday evening of August (August 1, 2017), there are many National Night Out events planned throughout the year leading up to the big event. The National Night Out Committee is determined to be number one again in 2017 in our population category of 30,000-99,999.

The City of Suffolk National Night Out Community Awards & Appreciation Ceremony is set for Tuesday, August 22nd from 6 p.m. to 7 the City Council Chamber, located in Suffolk City Hall, 442 West Washington Street.  Celebrated on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, Suffolk’s National Night Out festivities saw over 150 communities, civic leagues, churches and businesses partner together to hold cookouts, block parties, and various types of gatherings to say “No to Crime”.

All participating communities will receive certificates recognizing their hard work in helping make this year’s National Night Out an overwhelming success. The ceremony will also recognize the best of the best from across Suffolk. Awards include best individual community, best combined community, best supporting business, rookie of the year and more.

Suffolk’s theme for 2017 was “Lock It …Don’t Lose It”. This campaign was designed to remind citizens of the three main reasons why residents should always lock their car doors:

1) Loss of valuables is the most obvious reason to lock your door.  Thieves look for crimes of opportunity and prime targets are unlocked vehicles with GPS devices and electronics, cell phones, jewelry, weapons, money and other valuables in plain sight. 

2) Possible entry to your home.  If you leave your doors unlocked with a set of house keys or garage door opener in the glove compartment, it could be easy for the thieves to possibly enter your home, and you could become further victimized. 

3) Do it for the neighborhood.  While the Suffolk Police Department is happy to know that people feel secure in their neighborhoods, they stress that public safety is a shared responsibility.  If we tend to keep our cars or homes unlocked, word gets around and this is an open invitation for possible future crime.  

Suffolk has placed first in the Nation four times for National Night Out (2008, 2009, 2014, and 2016) and has finished in the top five in the Nation for eleven straight years including a second place finish in 2015 for our population category.

National Night Out is a national event which strengthens relationships between the public and public safety agencies. The main goal of National Night Out is to bring people together in an effort to eliminate crime.